E’s Fit Tip: 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

E’s Fit Tip: 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

  1. Exercise: Because it gives you time with yourself and your thoughts. Go into exercise with a positive frame of mind, not with “I hate being here” attitude. Exercise also releases endorphins into the brain, which is the “feel good drug”. By exercising you will be helping to prevent other health problems like obesity, which is something else you don’t want to stress about.
  2. Meditation: You should take at least 15-30 minutes of the day to have “me time”. This could mean anything that calms you do. For example, sitting in a quiet place listening to the music you like, taking a walk in the park, etc. This helps reduce the stress of our days.
  3. Supplements: Any of these herb supplements will put you on the path of controlling stress.-Ginseng is the most well-known stress adaptogen, great for mental performance and handling stress.-Rhodiola helps buffer stress related mental & physical fatigue.-Holy Basil helps you defend against fatigue, stress, regulates blood sugar, improves blood pressure, and regulates hormone levels and even boost your immune system.

    -Ashwaganda regulates the immune system, soothes anxiety, boosts your immune system and lowers your cortisol levels.

  1. Healthy Nutrition: Junk food can cause so much damage to our bodies, not to mention make us fat. I would say improving your eating to at least 80% healthy if you’re eating nothing but junk food would be a tremendous help to your body. This improvement would help lower your body’s stress. Lower your coffee intake to just 1 cup daily if you are drinking more than 2 a day.
  2. Sleep: Your goal is to get 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. 75% of your hormones are released while you’re sleeping from 10pm-6am. Recovery and sleep are essential to getting that stubborn belly fat off.
    Tip: If you are only getting a couple of hours of sleep. Start off with just adding 1 more hr of sleep daily. This way you can work your way up to 8 hrs of sleep eventually.

P.S. Always talk to your doctor before jumping into any nutrition or exercise regimen.


Tough times

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”
-Robert Schuller

Through every dark cloud there is a brighter day. Keep your head up, your eyes on the your dreams, kick the doubters to the curb, believe in yourself because you were born amazing. But, sometime we lose that amazing person somewhere in our minds. It’s your job to find it by any means necessary. Free yourself from all the fears that shackle you and imprison you, and there you will find your true self.

Have a great and beautiful Easter!

New Beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some beginnings end. Every time you kill me, I am born again. Every time you close that door, another door is opened. And every time you say goodbye, I say hello to a new life.”-Unknown

Nothing you have been through will ever be wasted. The great at one point started with small beginnings. Your true greatness is found at the bottom and what you find there will take you to the top. You might be flooded with negative thoughts blinding you from seeing these marvelous things you are truly made of. But, if you are aware of what will happen before it happens then the transition is quick and not painless but quick none the less. Every single experience happens for a reason, and just because one thing didn’t work out does not mean that it’s the only way. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. Take only the things you learned with you and continue on your path, disregard the experiences and people that did not uplift you, cherish the ones that did. Some experiences and people were put in your path to try and hold you down to test your strength. You are far stronger than anything life has to throw at you. Be strong, act in spite of fear, have faith, push and fight through.

“Greatness is upon you, you better act like it”- Eric Thomas


Getting Started

“No excuses just adjustments”

There should be no excuses. Instead, just adjust until it is manageable. Shrink down what you want to do so that you can at least start. As you get good at that and build that habit, then you can make it slightly more challenging until you are doing it with ease. Suddenly, you will notice you are doing what you wanted to put off because it was too over-whelming.

There is nothing wrong with baby steps, but there is something wrong with not taking any steps.


Work ABS all the time.

engaged abs

Your abs are a very small muscle group and can be involved in all movements if you choose to engage them. This way you are always making them strong.

Tips to try to engage your core before starting any exercise.

– Use a small grunt (without making the noise so you don’t become that person at the gym lol), as you exhale squeeze your abs as if someone was going to “gut check” you with a slap on the abs.

-Try a small cough and you should feel small squeezes of the core. This is an idea of what you should feel. Now you can feel the difference in bracing yourself and a relaxed state.

– Tighten your abs & count to 10, as you are counting air should be leaving with every breath giving you a chance to keep tighten your midsection. Once it’s tight and without hold your breath go ahead and perform the exercise you choose. You should still be able to breath just fine, the only difference is that your core will be tight.

P.S. I really love doing this for rotational type exercises because you can really feel it working.

Try this and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions, please reach out.

Blessings in disguise

Prepare & maintain the mindset for success and success will have no choice but to present itself. Blessings in disguise appear when you least expect, but always be in the mindset of expecting good things. They will blossom from a situation that might seem bad or not of your liking. Expect great things, expect great changes, expect blessings and when you least expect it…..BOOM! It lands on your lap. 

I’m having an awesome Sunday, and I expect the same from all of you…..