Work ABS all the time.

engaged abs

Your abs are a very small muscle group and can be involved in all movements if you choose to engage them. This way you are always making them strong.

Tips to try to engage your core before starting any exercise.

– Use a small grunt (without making the noise so you don’t become that person at the gym lol), as you exhale squeeze your abs as if someone was going to “gut check” you with a slap on the abs.

-Try a small cough and you should feel small squeezes of the core. This is an idea of what you should feel. Now you can feel the difference in bracing yourself and a relaxed state.

– Tighten your abs & count to 10, as you are counting air should be leaving with every breath giving you a chance to keep tighten your midsection. Once it’s tight and without hold your breath go ahead and perform the exercise you choose. You should still be able to breath just fine, the only difference is that your core will be tight.

P.S. I really love doing this for rotational type exercises because you can really feel it working.

Try this and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions, please reach out.


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