New Beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some beginnings end. Every time you kill me, I am born again. Every time you close that door, another door is opened. And every time you say goodbye, I say hello to a new life.”-Unknown

Nothing you have been through will ever be wasted. The great at one point started with small beginnings. Your true greatness is found at the bottom and what you find there will take you to the top. You might be flooded with negative thoughts blinding you from seeing these marvelous things you are truly made of. But, if you are aware of what will happen before it happens then the transition is quick and not painless but quick none the less. Every single experience happens for a reason, and just because one thing didn’t work out does not mean that it’s the only way. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. Take only the things you learned with you and continue on your path, disregard the experiences and people that did not uplift you, cherish the ones that did. Some experiences and people were put in your path to try and hold you down to test your strength. You are far stronger than anything life has to throw at you. Be strong, act in spite of fear, have faith, push and fight through.

“Greatness is upon you, you better act like it”- Eric Thomas


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