E’s Fit Tip: 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

E’s Fit Tip: 5 Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

  1. Exercise: Because it gives you time with yourself and your thoughts. Go into exercise with a positive frame of mind, not with “I hate being here” attitude. Exercise also releases endorphins into the brain, which is the “feel good drug”. By exercising you will be helping to prevent other health problems like obesity, which is something else you don’t want to stress about.
  2. Meditation: You should take at least 15-30 minutes of the day to have “me time”. This could mean anything that calms you do. For example, sitting in a quiet place listening to the music you like, taking a walk in the park, etc. This helps reduce the stress of our days.
  3. Supplements: Any of these herb supplements will put you on the path of controlling stress.-Ginseng is the most well-known stress adaptogen, great for mental performance and handling stress.-Rhodiola helps buffer stress related mental & physical fatigue.-Holy Basil helps you defend against fatigue, stress, regulates blood sugar, improves blood pressure, and regulates hormone levels and even boost your immune system.

    -Ashwaganda regulates the immune system, soothes anxiety, boosts your immune system and lowers your cortisol levels.

  1. Healthy Nutrition: Junk food can cause so much damage to our bodies, not to mention make us fat. I would say improving your eating to at least 80% healthy if you’re eating nothing but junk food would be a tremendous help to your body. This improvement would help lower your body’s stress. Lower your coffee intake to just 1 cup daily if you are drinking more than 2 a day.
  2. Sleep: Your goal is to get 8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. 75% of your hormones are released while you’re sleeping from 10pm-6am. Recovery and sleep are essential to getting that stubborn belly fat off.
    Tip: If you are only getting a couple of hours of sleep. Start off with just adding 1 more hr of sleep daily. This way you can work your way up to 8 hrs of sleep eventually.

P.S. Always talk to your doctor before jumping into any nutrition or exercise regimen.


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