E’s Thoughts & Quotes: Finding yourself

Sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with nothing, feeling lost, helpless, alone and hopeless. Guess what? Everyone comes to that crossroad in their life in way or another. It will come unexpected like a thief in the night. But, don’t worry “this to shall pass”. Because a storm can’t last forever, the sun will rise again and a new day and chapter will be ready to be written. In the middle of this nowhere you will have the opportunity to find yourself only if you choose to see it as an opportunity and not a tragedy. Remember, it’s not what happens to you because it happens to everyone, it’s how you react to it and what you decide to “DO” that will make the difference between the 2nd part of your life not looking anything like the 1st part.

“In the midst of the scorching flames you have the choice to stay as ash or to rise from the ashes, a phoenix reborn.”
– E


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