Something to think about and act on today!

Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that a crisis is a blessing, and even greater wisdom recognizes that blessings can also trigger a crisis. When we truly understand that, we’re less likely to be upset about difficulties or elated about opportunities: we remain centered no matter what happens around us. That is one of the secrets of self-mastery.

Everything that happens is a vital part of the divine order that most of the great minds understood. Even the most terrible events always contain hidden blessings. The masters know this great truth and remain undisturbed by events, while those of lesser wisdom swing from elation to depression as they move through positive and negative experiences on their way to understanding.

When you know that bad things aren’t so terrible and good things aren’t so terrific, you can quietly grateful for whatever occurs.

When you buy into the fantasy of better and worse, seeking the illusion of greener pastures, you’re never present, or satisfied with your life the way it is. You think, Someday I’ll find a way to let my wife and children know how much I really love them, Someday when things are better, I’ll start that business, take a trip, or write that book. You live on “Someday Island, which doesn’t exist.”

Someday, is today!

“Don’t look for opportunities in the far distances of space and time, but embrace them right where you are, because where you are already has the perfection and the balance.”
-Napoleon Hill

From: The breakthrough experience by Dr. John Demartini


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