Change someones mind through their heart.

You challenged me, broke me down, showed me a path I never knew before, believed in me, broke my heart, opened my eyes, put me on the path of change, and God as my witness I will forever appreciate and eternally be grateful for all of it. Change is not easy but it’s always possible. It’s Never too late, never forget that.

I have come to the conclusion that people that enter your life that challenge you and support you at the same time are needed even if you don’t see it in that moment. We are blinded until the moment of self realization. When we think that it was too late in reality it was just in time.

We must take full responsibility and own our mistakes. Immaturity holds us back from real change. Not communicating and not holding others values to the high most respect destroys any kind of relationship. You must stay open minded. If you are not being challenged, then you are not growing, period. It took me a long time to truly learn that. The difference between knowing it and really knowing it (internalized) is experiences and nothing teaches like experience. Do not resist the change because it hurts you and the people around you.


By: Edwin Libreros aka “E”