Do Something! What are you waiting for?!, blogging, postaday

If you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you do something, something will absolutely happen. So, devise a plan of action, insert as many details and jot them down in a notebook or mobile device. Then take massive action and take no prisoners. Do not worry about failing, because that will happen. Do not wait for the timing to be perfect, the perfect time is now as you read this. Just get started, you will learn as you go. There will be some sort of discomfort and fear but this will subside the more you take repetitive action. Nothing worth having is without sacrifice. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Set yourself apart from the fearful.

“Do not wait till the iron is hot to strike; But, make it hot by striking.”
-William B. Spargae

By: Edwin Libreros aka “E”


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